Low Classness: The Threat That Cannot Be Ignored

People may think I’m a snob because I’m very anti low-class culture and its power in our status quo. This is not true; being anti low class isn’t about being a snob or classist. Low classness is not a real issue, as opposed to issues such as poverty and equal opportunity which are. Class inequality does exist in our society,  but I think we can all, regardless of our class unite against low classness and its status quo of rudeness, inappropriateness, ignorance and worse. There’s good reason to be anti low-class culture, and it has nothing to do with social class, and everything to do with having class and the importance of having class, especially in leadership and the status quo.

When you look at today’s decline of western culture, the rise in misogyny, and backward, ignorant, hateful attitudes, crime, cruelty, animal abuse chic, you will notice it’s all coming from the low class. This isn’t surprising as the far left and far right are greatly supported by low class culture and it’s predominance in our culture. Low classism is also a creator and co-partner with elitism and toxic capitalism. That is the dynamic that got Trump elected, keeps neoconservatives in power, and economic and social injustices flourishing.

Enlightenment and progress have always come from the educated and cultured classes. It still does. Its enlightenment and culture that benefits all, but without reason or fail, the low class despises and rejects it all, even if it benefits them. This is the hallmark of low classness, this base form of class resentment behind all their thinking, and the accompanying hate of upper classness and anything “classy”. That’s may be fine if it remains an outsider opinion, but not fine when it becomes a political movement like alt and current conservatism has become, where ignorance and anti enlightenment are badges of honor, or when it becomes cultural and ingrained in our media.

The far right might control our politics, but it’s the far left, as well as the far right and their hate of standards, common decency, morality and psychologic truths, who controls our entertainment and media. The rise in immigrant crime, crime, misogeny, violence, and hate shows how damaging and destructive low class attitudes are culturally as well as politically. This scorning and dismissing of upper/middle class sensibilities, concerns about the effect all this horror, obscenity, violence, low class dumbness has on our children, society, and humanity’s psyche and mentality is the problem, as is socially our being told we have to accept it all, and just sit back and watch as our world slips further into decline and division.

As a youth, growing up in a very sheltered, upper middle class home, I embraced punk rock, then later rap street lifestyle and their lawless culture. I was naive and innocent and was easily led by far left promises of freedom, fun and social justice. I was slumming, and it was very destructive to me. During the years I was slumming with far left and low class culture, I was a mess and disaster, and made all the wrong decisions. When I decided to return to my culture and myself and to being myself, I began to thrive and understand the world and life as it is. Now I see these truly non winner values and lifestyle are the hippest, coolest things ever and their having full inclusion in our status quo. And we wonder why we are fighting to maintain our peace, unity and first world status.

Activists fight the low class forces everyday. If we were to stop the low class would win, rule unchallenged and that would precipitate our slow decline into a speedy and direct descent into third world economy, governance and culture. The upper middle class and the enlightened middle class are right. We don’t want or need that. First world culture is why immigrants and migrants want to move to our countries. Its a blessing, and not something we should take for granted, or throw away.

On the issue of migrants and immigrants, it is just low classness, and their racist and class hate that keeps our nations from prioritizing integrating or dealing smartly or proactively with migrants, or any other issue we are currently faced with. When the UN came up with their smart, proactive migrant pact, sure to curb illegal traffic if acted upon, the low class dismissed and derided it simply because, I guess, it’s obviously a work of western upper-class institutions and enlightened minds. That alone proved to me the ignorance of the low class, and why they must never again be given the power to rule our nations and status quo or inclusion to do so.

Our media is not always helpful either. Most of it is very good, and all of it a democratic institution, but some of it is not at all helpful, merely goes back and forth between supporting low class far right to low class far left attitudes and opinions. Entertainment is the same. There are western cultural strongholds but I’ve noticed even those, like PBS, who is reliant on public funding has been adding populus content, like hunter, speciest programming on Nature. That feed the bottom class as well, and it all does matter. Enlightenment is what keeps the west vital, great and moving forward. It is up to our media as well a politics to keep us enlightened. Sadly this just is not happening alot anymore.

To be honest, western culture is what keeps our planet civilized and moving forward. Other countries such as Asian countries prosper and do well when they adopt western style systems and attitudes. For Westerners to try to decline the west at this time of great progress, and need for progress is unthinkable and unforgivable. It also is completely contrary to the proclaimed aims of the low class, and therefore makes no sense until you understand its all based on class resentment.

To be honest, for western culture to prevail and win, upper class ideals need to lead, and they and middle class values need to be status quo, and low and far values and thinking thrown out forever. This is how the First and western world will survive, thrive and become great again. It is the only way.

It’s not popular to say this on social media or live these values, as I have experienced and found out in my life, or to take down long held truths constructed by those who have taken over our culture. The evil of upper and middle classness, and the righteousness of the low class is one of those currently strongly held, status quo approved truths. It’s a cherished, rarely challenged belief that has killed millions, from citizens, activists to leaders, and spurred and propelled forward the great lies that were Nazism and 20th century communism. This is the truth about low classness. It is a real problem, and while it reigns, we are all potential victims of its hate, self serving ignorance and ill logic.

So up with the other classes, the upper and educated middle classes, the sane, peaceful, smart poor and working class, those who have led us and happily followed, without fail, to peace, promise and prosperity. It’s time for us to take back the keys of leadership and together reclaim and rebuild our great and good culture.