The Palestinian Situation

I have titled this blog “The Palestinian Situation” because truthfully, that’s what it is. It’s not the Israel/Palestinian situation anymore than a bullying situation is a situation between the bully and its victim. There is no equality or needs to create equality between a bully and its victim, as blame doesn’t need to be shared.

The Palestinian situation has continued for 70 years. It is born of hate, anti semitism, and is disguised as national pride. There was no willingness from Palestine to give their Jewish brothers, who inhabited the Holy Lands for as long as themselves, a homeland. Not before the Holocost, and not after. They instead chose to spend the past 70 years, since Israel’s creation, waging a war against this peaceful and progressive state.

Israel is peaceful but not passive. This is because it has a moral imperative to fight as well as practical and necessary ones. It fights back and it wins and it has to. Israel is a just ideal as well as a just nation, and that truth is the truth, and needs to be accepted.

But this has all been said many times before and far leftist anti zionist continue to refuse to accept it. Perhaps it’s not clear enough for them to understand. So here is a simple way of explaining the situation. I hope it will make it understandable because 70 years of waging war against an innocent, peaceful neighbour is outrageous and grievously wrong for all involved including Palestinians. They suffer and lose due to their nation’s own actions and attitudes. No one involved wins or is safe, so Palestine needs to get it and get it right and soon. Maybe this explaination can help.

How to Make Peace


Israel: You can continue to throw stones at us and teach your children to throw stones at us, although we prefer you didn’t. However if you do, we will take those stones and build a wall, and defend that wall against rock throwers for the safety of our citizens and nation.
If the hate still doesn’t stop and if you declare war on us and try to breach the wall, we will defend until death our wall and our safety. If you try to climb our wall and kill our citizens, and destroy our country, yes we will shoot, and we will shoot to kill as any homeowner would, and legally and morally has the right to do.

We are a peaceful nation who’s only interaction with hate is defense. Peace can be made. We have made it here in Israel. Peace in and for Palestine is Palestine’s job and waging war with a peaceful nation is not ever the way to peace.


Palestine: perhaps this may be true. Perhaps we are contining to wage the war of our ancestors and their ignorance, pride and hate against a peaceful and just nation and to the discredit and suffering and loss of our own people. Maybe living at peace with Israel is the answer and accepting them as a nation is how to begin the true peace process for the betterment and peace of both our nations.