On Humility

I have been doing alot of soul searching and recovery work over the past few month. One of my beloved kitties, Petey, died recently which left me completely racked with guilt and grief. To survive I needed to stop, relax, and assess my direction and feelings. That really helped and I have managed to deal with my grief and let go of my guilt.

My grief journey led me back to something that has always brought my comfort: self help books. I’m a firm believer in gaining comfort and guidence, inspiration from those of greater wisdom, experience and understanding, and have been greatly helped in my life by doing so.

As an animal rights activist I’m often in need spiritual comfort. As a sane, good, caring person living in our world of denial of truth, acceptance of hate and lies, I’m also increasingly finding myself needing comfort and escape. I have learnt alot from the books I have been downloading from my library. They explain not only the sickness in our human souls, but also in our society’s. This is very timely as never has our society, world been sicker or in a worse spiritual place.

From all I have read, and experienced I have come to the conclusion that our world and modern culture is suffering from is a total lack of humility. Most people think humility means being humble but really it means alot more, and it’s importance cannot be overstated. From governments that openly lies to the people, to cultures that normalize hate and hate crimes, to the celebrities extolling the virtues of wealth, sin and hate, we are a society and nations who have completely lost our humility and because of that our way forward.

To put it simply, humility is basic, the roots of humanity. Much of what’s in our lives, what we focus on today is the extras. Extras are fine but if you have people constantly worrying about the leaves, it’s easy to ignore the tree, even when you have people hacking at it daily. In a situation such as this, society can remain upright for quite some time as the roots of our culture are old and strong, but even so, at some point, our society is going to topple over. In regard to our and other conservative led nations, we’re living already pretty close to doing so.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news. What’s keeping us going, moving forward, and remaining a cohesive society is largely the work of politicians, leaders, activists, citizens who have no problem with humility and understand the need for it. They are right. Humility is integral to humanity and our society. It’s like the food we eat, the air we breathe and the truths we all hold dear. Without humility we are lost, and we must now get back to it, and fully understand what it is, and why it matters so much.

Here are my thoughts on what it is and how it affects us as individuals and our societies. Please feel free to add your own definition and thoughts in the comment section.

What Humility means to me:

Not feeling yourself above humanity. Feeling the same as and equal to other people.

Feeling pride and self love in goodness and allowing others to do so as well. Humility doesn’t mean self hate or diminishment.

Respecting right and righteous wisdom and authority such as God and/or goodness,and established values and behavior, attitudes.

Not making your ego or will the point. Doing what’s right as opposed to what will make you rich and popular.

Respecting other’s needs and rights as being important and equal to your own. Treating all with the same respect, and not putting your wants above other’s rights and needs.

Doing what others want you to do when it’s right, taking advice, guidence. Being able to see others wisdom and accept your wrongness and change and learn from it. Not always assuming you’re right.

Genuine effort for self betterment is a form of humility. It accepts I’m not perfect, others can know better than me and help me, and I am someone who needs to improve.

Healthy self esteem is a by-product of humility. Humility is just basically a form of spiritual honesty and without honesty there is no peace, growth or spiritual gain.

Peace, worth, gain must be created from outside in dishonest lives.

Dishonesty creates a soul and spirit that is ill, either with ego and sin, or when the dishonesty is imposed, in the form of abuse, through self hate, denial and destruction.

Humility is a cornerstone of healthy people, governments and societies. It’s a necessary part of a healthy, well reality.

Life is about making the most of what you are and have within you. Positive personal power, values and qualities all stem from humility.

Humility, courage, faith, hope, positivity, peace, love. These are the spiritual powers, foundation to a healthy self. These allow us to live, learn in peace and grow up and mature as well. They can be created or erased by nature and by nurture.

Humor, kindness, joy, charity, justice, fairness, truth, respect, compassion, wisdom, inclusion, understanding. These are what nurtures and heals, helps create a healthy mind, soul, body and spirit.

Comfort, joy, happiness, beauty, order, creativity, freedom, connection, safety, security. These are needed to complete healthy human contentment and facilitate deeper introspection and understanding.

It’s arrogance, hate and sin and all they create and are sustained by that opposes these values and conditions needed for a healthy self, soul and society. They are what’s hacking constantly at the tree of humanity’s humility, and is a driven, focused force these days. They are and are responsible for every evil, wrong, injustice, and lie. They are the tree of nothing but ego and want, one that must be cut down by the roots, and forever left unseeded and left to wither and die.

That’s what’s needed to bring back a peaceful, thriving, healthy society and culture, and teach future generations how to appreciate and maintain them.