How to end the Climate Crisis

People who seem determined to not understand are certainly confused by the issue of climate change and global warming. Every time we have an extreme cold temperture event, they seem to think that proves global warming is indeed a hoax perpetuated by other nations, activists and scientists.

The problem is these people read the headline, caught the catch phrase but did not read the article. Global warming creates climate change, extreme climate and other natural phenomenon that results from a warming planet. This includes extreme cold as we experienced with the polar vortex. We are also in the early stage of climate change, although the effects are already very noticable. In a few degress, unless we act now, they will get worse and more extreme. Coastlines will be lost, food production and millions of jobs will be threatened and climate will be in many places unbearable.

We probably can survive it but it would a vastly different,and far less fair, beautiful and bountiful planet. And the point is, as we know all of this now, how can we with any kind of morality continue to doubt, deny and ignore it? The answer is we can’t and that we need to act.

The actions we need to take are about ten years overdue so anyone who doesn’t believe this is a crisis or leaders who refuse to act on it are obviously too stubborn or stupid to understand or too mired in politic pandering. Either way they are menaces to our world, way of life, and the survival and thrival of our planet and its species. We must have zero tolerance for inaction as time is running out.

To end this crisis, halt global warming and lessen its effects there are a few simple, affordable and necessary measures we all need to take. If we do, we can save and protect our planet. If we don’t we have no one to blame but those of us who voted against climate action, refused to believe the obvious truth and that will hardly be a satisfying conclusion if we don’t use our power and demand and take action ourselves.
Globally, America is still probably the worst in this regard, and China remains a growing climate threat, as is any coal dependant nation. Canada is pretty green except for its continued support and reliance on fossil fuels and meat exports. The EU with established Green party members are the best and emerging nations too are getting on board and taking action.

We can all end the global climate crisis by our votes, by protesting, and by our shopping and eating habits. Its an issue that’s equally important to all the populist issues we are all focused. Immigration, and the economy, the two driving forces of today’s electoral interest both are deeply affected by climate change. We ignore it at our own peril.

Please, also, don’t just read about climate action. Do all you can, begin now and help others to do the same. We won world wars, establish peaceful world order because everyone got on board and did their bit. Let’s rise to this challenge as the climate crisis is as big a threat as political ideology, terror and war to our planet, it’s people and our way of life.

Here are the steps we need to take to stop and keep climate change from progressing. They are simple and most countries and many people are already aware and doing and supporting these in full or part. Scientists say we have 11 years to change or the effects will beyond our ability to control. This means we must act now, collectively and individually and now.

How to end the Climate Crisis

1. Stop dependance on oil, gas, and fossil fuels. Replace our current energy infastructure with clean, green one.

Aim for 100% clean infastructure and grid. Invest in only electric vehicles including boats, airplanes,clean home and building energy. Make cities greener by adding bike lanes. Governments and businesses can start today by divesting in fossil fuels economically, and by investing in clean energy and begin building the clean green infastructure and network.

2. Go vegan or more vegan.

Reduce your meat consumption to at most a few times a week. Aim for once a week, month, special occasions or preferably not at all. If not vegan, support and respect vegans for their veganism as they are doing alot to end the climate crisis.

3. Plant trees and support tree planting programs.

1.5 trillion trees planted over the next 20 years would remove 750 trollion tons of Co2 from our atmosphere plus bring back biodiversity and help species facing extinction.

4. Use less.

Create a low waste culture. Demand tech companies offer OS updates for all devices so devices can be useful for decades as opposed to a few years. Buy second hand, reuse, remake, regift. Buy less and end the trend system where styles go out every year or few years. New styles can come in but most of today’s are just classics which is a good trend. Slow the trend engine so we can buy for a lifetime, not for a season or two. Go digital as much as possible and use and buy all resources mindfully.

5. End plastic polution and reduce its use.

Buy non plastic and reduce your usage. Have massive regular citizen involved clean ups, invest in clean up and up recycling and plastic free culture.
6. Vote green and make environmental issues and understanding a priority in your voting choices.

Vote for candidates and parties who have acted and do act on climate change and conservation issues. Winning the fight against climate change requires policy change as well as understanding of the issues and ommitment to acting upon them.

7. Make green culture, our culture, western and world culture, not a fringe or choice culture.
Every nation prioritize green policy and programs, with recycling, pollution ending programs and policies. Make green culture our culture worldwide, the new normal, not just a lifestyle or political choice.