My Final Blog

I’ve been writing this blog for the past 10 years and have been happy to share with you my ideas and thinking. It has been a very tumultuous time in our global history and I hope my blogs helped you put some of it in perspective, and gave you some inspiration and ideas to think about.

I’ve been pursuing other projects lately related to my activism and vegan advocacy. To allow me to focus more of my time and energy on them I’ve decided to stop posting to my blog. I will leave it up and online but will not be posting anymore. I loved and still do the process of blogging and the good it can do. It can be your sanity when times are crazy and wrong, and a way to help others who need it. I’ve been happy to do so and am grateful to have had the opportunity to communicate my ideas and opinion.

In closing, I would like to remind you of the power we all have to make this world a positive and peaceful place for all beings. Whether its posting kind and smart comments, speaking up for the bullied, voting, or choosing a vegan diet and lifestyle or going green and low waste, we can all do something to help our world, planet, animals ourselves and each other. Life is definitely what you make of it so please go out there and make peace, positivity and righteous protest, love, kindness and understanding!

Peace and love,

Una Rose