My Final Blog

I've been writing this blog for the past 10 years and have been happy to share with you my ideas and thinking. It has been a very tumultuous time in our global history and I hope my blogs helped you put some of it in perspective, and gave you some inspiration and ideas to think … Continue reading My Final Blog


How to end the Climate Crisis

People who seem determined to not understand are certainly confused by the issue of climate change and global warming. Every time we have extreme cold they seem to think that proves global warming is indeed a hoax perpetuated by other nations, activists and scientists. The problem is these people read the headline, caught the catch … Continue reading How to end the Climate Crisis

Low Classness: The Threat That Cannot Be Ignored

People may think I'm a snob because I'm very anti low-class culture and its power in our status quo. This is not true; being anti low class isn't about being a snob or classist. Low classness is not a real issue, as opposed to issues such as poverty and equal opportunity which are. Class inequality … Continue reading Low Classness: The Threat That Cannot Be Ignored

A Vegan World is God’s World

Christians really do need to learn about and embrace the vegan and animal rights movement. It's not just about eating a plant based diet, it's also about animal entertainment, animal clothing products, animal testing, all sin based industries that are supported by many Christians. This is sad as it's not what Jesus would do, or … Continue reading A Vegan World is God’s World

Why the Western Moral Code Matters

The west and its institutions has generally been the moral standard the world is judged by. Our progress, peacefulness, and prominance due to our civility, prosperity and progress have made this true for over 300 years. But lately things have changed. With the rise, power and influence of third world like far right and left … Continue reading Why the Western Moral Code Matters