Final Post

I've been blogging since 2006 when I first started this blog. I started it to share my opinions about what was happening in our world. As an activist it became a part of my activism, as a person, a way to keep my sanity and to understand what was going on in the world around … Continue reading Final Post

Why our World is Failing

With the high economic costs of the covonavirus and legitimate fears that the bill for it is going to be passed down as usual to the poorest in society, there is alot of concern about what will follow the lockdown economically. We are all well conditioned in the understanding of debt and budgeting. In our … Continue reading Why our World is Failing

Low Classness: The Threat That Cannot Be Ignored

People may think I'm a snob because I'm very anti low-class culture and it's power in our status quo. This is not true; being anti low class isn't about being a snob or classist. Low classness is not a real issue, as opposed to issues such as poverty and equal opportunity. Class inequality does exist … Continue reading Low Classness: The Threat That Cannot Be Ignored

A Vegan World is God’s World

Christians really do need to learn about and embrace the vegan and animal rights movement. It's not just about eating a plant based diet, it's also about animal entertainment, animal clothing products, animal testing, all sin based industries that are supported by many Christians. This is sad as it's not what Jesus would do, or … Continue reading A Vegan World is God’s World

Why Moral Code Matters

The west and its institutions has generally been the moral standard the world is judged by. Our progress, peacefulness, and prominance due to our cultural civility, our prosperity and progress have made this true for over 300 years. But lately things have changed. With the rise, power and influence of third world like far right … Continue reading Why Moral Code Matters

On Socialism and our Economy

The Ontario government recently tabled a bill that will cut family doctor's salaries. This is obviously a move that will please his ignorant populus driven support base, but it's not in Ontario's or it's middle classes best interests. It also threatens our publicly funded healthcare system, as it may drive doctors elsewhere, or into private … Continue reading On Socialism and our Economy