How To Do a Proper Vegan Cleanse

A juice cleanse isn't cleansing, it's fasting. Fasting isn't really healthy unless you're overweight or unhealthy. The purpose of a cleanse is to rid your body of the toxic "foods" people eat. This includes salt, sugar, vinegar, yeast, alcohol. And for non vegans, animal products as well. Traditional Yogi fasts also prohibit onion, garlic, and … Continue reading How To Do a Proper Vegan Cleanse


The Fairy Diet

I love fairies and consider myself a fairy person in my flights of fancy. So after being inspired by a fellow vegan, fairy person on Twitter  who is battling an eating disorder,  I have came up with a diet that will hopefully satisfy my imagination as well as my appetite, as boredom is my biggest … Continue reading The Fairy Diet