Time's up for: Fur, animal agriculture, Not caring about the planet and its needs, resources and places, spaces and all its species. Crime and brutality, Violence and its threat, War, hate, and ignorance. Perversion and injustice, Cruelty, indifference, Fear, hate, torture, Sickness, stupidity, lies, Sin, selfishness, savagery. Rape and sexual harassment, Bullying, assault, meanness, Intolerance, … Continue reading #TimesUp


Creating a Vegan World

In regard to vegan meat, dairy and other vegan products and foods versus non vegan foods, the truth is they taste as good or much better, they are much healthier and best for the world and planet and end cruelty to animals. So why do the masses avoid them? There are three reasons why a … Continue reading Creating a Vegan World

Removal and Reconciliation

The definition of reconciliation is: the restoration of friendly relations and the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.. Here is Canada, this word came to the forefront due to the Idle No More movement of Indigenous people and in light of the thousands of murdered and missing indigenous woman inquiry. Its … Continue reading Removal and Reconciliation

Dominion and Humanity

In regard to the Christian hunter argument that the Bible says God gave us dominion over animals, yes, it does say that but clearly the understanding of what the word dominion means is missing. Dominion means power over, its not permission to kill or abuse.  A man has dominion over his wife and children but … Continue reading Dominion and Humanity

What the world needs now

According to hype, buzz and media, this is what's amazing these days: Nude pictures of Kardasians! Commuter spaceships! Lightening speed transport! Cloning! Teleportation! Same hour drone deliveries! Celebrity and royalty fashion and lives! So fabulous I'm sure but what is happening to the world in the meantime? For me, what would be amazing is if … Continue reading What the world needs now