My Prayer for Peace

I'm in recovery from PTSD. Sometimes its hard. When fear and pain take over and reason and meaning leave you. It is at times like these I have learnt to pray. It helps. If you believe in God or good or neither, there is still a part of every heart that understands and feels prayer. … Continue reading My Prayer for Peace

Self Help

I'm currently in a recovery process, and at a turning point in my life. To help me through both, and to keep me motivated, I read a lot of self help books. I have always found motivational and inspirational writing very powerful. This began in the early 1990s when I read "The Road Less Travelled" … Continue reading Self Help

Recovery Journal: Courage and Success

As a child you are afraid unless well cared for, loved, treated well. Once you are an adult, you must be the one caring and loving yourself and others. These are the skills good nurture provide you with, and they make the road to adulthood an easy,enjoyable, comfortable journey, and process. If you weren't loved, … Continue reading Recovery Journal: Courage and Success

Recovery Journal: This I Am

( Written in response to being without data for almost a whole day due to outages. And being completely messed up by it all.) I worry about losing myself again, so I worry about losing my stuff (online journals, writing, notes, materials). If my tools for protecting my stuff are threatened, I feel threatened. That's … Continue reading Recovery Journal: This I Am