On Belonging

This is a blog about abuse and how abusers use the feeling of belonging to groom their victims. If you are a survivor of abuse, you may be triggered. I hope you will find comfort and healing as well here, and that this blog will help you on your recovery and healing journey. One way … Continue reading On Belonging

No Alcohol, No Problem

It's pretty sad that we as a society are really against drunk driving and teen rape, but also, as a society, adhere to the peer pressure belief that you need to drink to be cool/adult/throw a good party. It's a real social stigma, and one that costs people their lives and health. Once the stigma … Continue reading No Alcohol, No Problem

Recovery Journal: Courage and Success

As a child you are afraid unless well cared for, loved, treated well. Once you are an adult, you must be the one caring and loving yourself and others. These are the skills good nurture provide you with, and they make the road to adulthood an easy,enjoyable, comfortable journey, and process. If you weren't loved, … Continue reading Recovery Journal: Courage and Success