The Fairy Diet

I love fairies and consider myself a fairy person in my flights of fancy. So after being inspired by a fellow vegan, fairy person on Twitter  who is battling an eating disorder,  I have came up with a diet that will hopefully satisfy my imagination as well as my appetite, as boredom is my biggest … Continue reading The Fairy Diet

One Tin Soldier Update

Growing up in the wholesome, yet free wheeling 1970s, I was able to enjoy many things that would seem unheard of, to those who grew up in the increasingly conservative, and extremist 1980s and 1990s. One of these things was great hippie songs and movies, like The Legend of Billy Jack and the song One … Continue reading One Tin Soldier Update

Recovery Journal: Courage and Success

As a child you are afraid unless well cared for, loved, treated well. Once you are an adult, you must be the one caring and loving yourself and others. These are the skills good nurture provide you with, and they make the road to adulthood an easy,enjoyable, comfortable journey, and process. If you weren't loved, … Continue reading Recovery Journal: Courage and Success

Recovery Journal: This I Am

( Written in response to being without data for almost a whole day due to outages. And being completely messed up by it all.) I worry about losing myself again, so I worry about losing my stuff (online journals, writing, notes, materials). If my tools for protecting my stuff are threatened, I feel threatened. That's … Continue reading Recovery Journal: This I Am

10 Things the Medical Community Doesn’t Know That You Should.

The medical community knows alot, but there's a world of medical knowledge out there, they don't know about. Times have changed, and there are many like me, who don't like to support big pharma, who found our own medical cures of our various ailments. Here are some things I discovered during my personal quest for … Continue reading 10 Things the Medical Community Doesn’t Know That You Should.