An American Tragedy

It was very sad to wake up and hear of the Senate voting in favour of the GOP Tax Bill. What an awful Christmas present to America this is. Unbelievable, but not really surprising when you are aware of the trends in western nation towards austerity, and the rise of the xenophobia that helps support it. This … Continue reading An American Tragedy


The Truth About Drugs

In today's celebrity and far left fuelled world, where being anti drugs is sure to mark you as being hopelessly uncool, or even politically incorrect, is there any wonder, as to the continued high number of deaths due to drug overdose? On Netflix, television, movies and music, drugs are universally protrayed as being normal and … Continue reading The Truth About Drugs

On Chris Packham and being different in a society that loves sameness.

I read on Twitter (@BBCTwo) this morning, that Chris Packham has Asperger's. He has long been a hero of mine due to his media work with wildlife, and his raising awareness and protest against the Malta migratory bird slaughter. As for his having Aspergers, this is welcome news to me.  Its surprising but not really. … Continue reading On Chris Packham and being different in a society that loves sameness.

Perfection: The goal, not a dream

"I'm not perfect, I'm human" is an oft spoken and well regarded belief about the human situation. Perfection, and those who demand it, are seen by many as overly demanding, fascist, unrealistic and unpleasant. This belief has sprung clearly into the forefront, as with all things these days, through its political implications. The whole Trumper, … Continue reading Perfection: The goal, not a dream

On Mental Illness and Recovery

Generally by the time you realize you have mental illness and share the fact with others, it means you are no longer lost and you are back on the road of sanity and life. Mental illness is not being lost. We cope, deny and self medicate when lost. We survive. Mental illness happens afterwards, when … Continue reading On Mental Illness and Recovery