Veganism and The Importance of Truth

We are living in very divided times. It seems that we are so fractured, so oppositional, that peace will never return to our culture and our nations. What is the missing link, that used to unify our society? I think it's pretty simple and clear. It is the truth and first world's cultural reverence for … Continue reading Veganism and The Importance of Truth


Good people, Better People and Fur

Good people sometimes do bad things. What makes them good, however, is that, after realizing they're doing a bad thing, they care about it, and they stop doing it. Good is just acknowledging the truth about something, and acting in accordance. Better people make this an ingrained habit, value, and practice. People have worn fur … Continue reading Good people, Better People and Fur


Time's up for: Fur, animal agriculture, Not caring about the planet and its needs, resources and places, spaces and all its species. Crime and brutality, Violence and its threat, War, hate, and ignorance. Perversion and injustice, Cruelty, indifference, Fear, hate, torture, Sickness, stupidity, lies, Sin, selfishness, savagery. Rape and sexual harassment, Bullying, assault, meanness, Intolerance, … Continue reading #TimesUp

On the $15.00 minimum wage

I'm very pleased that Ontario, my province, has implemented a $15.00 minimum wage, which starts at $14.00 this January 1 and will rise to $15.00 next year. There has been alot of criticism and reaction to the news from the business community, which I guess is to expected, but as  a formerly low income worker, I … Continue reading On the $15.00 minimum wage

Who Leads the World

Every society and world needs its leaders. I think we can all agree on what the necessary qualities for leadership are. Character for sure, and also maturity, goodness, greatness, intelligence, and brilliance.  These plus wisdom, good values, morality, understanding, courage, honesty, and integrity. This is what's needed in our future leaders, to have on top … Continue reading Who Leads the World