On Humility

I have been doing alot of soul searching and recovery work over the past few month. One of my beloved kitties, Petey, died recently which left me completely racked with guilt and grief. To survive I needed to stop, relax, and assess my direction and feelings. That really helped and I have managed to deal … Continue reading On Humility

Today’s Sickness

Today's sickness is sin, and good and virtue is the cure. Hate is born of sin and ignorance, and our daily lives have become a constant fight against these most unChristian, and unwestern values. Far political extremists and haters keep trying to sell us a status quo where anything goes, and its cool to be … Continue reading Today’s Sickness

Who Leads the World

Every society and world needs its leaders. I think we can all agree on what the necessary qualities for leadership are. Character for sure, and also maturity, goodness, greatness, intelligence, and brilliance.  These plus wisdom, good values, morality, understanding, courage, honesty, and integrity. This is what's needed in our future leaders, to have on top … Continue reading Who Leads the World

Perfection: The goal, not a dream

"I'm not perfect, I'm human" is an oft-spoken and well-regarded belief about the human situation. Perfection, and those who demand it are seen by many as overly demanding, fascist, unrealistic and unpleasant. This belief has sprung clearly into the forefront, as with all things these days, through its political implications. The whole Trumper, birther, anti-progressive … Continue reading Perfection: The goal, not a dream