Veganism and The Importance of Truth

We are living in very divided times. It seems that we are so fractured, so oppositional, that peace will never return to our culture and our nations. What is the missing link, that used to unify our society? I think it's pretty simple and clear. It is the truth and first world's cultural reverence for … Continue reading Veganism and The Importance of Truth


Creating a Vegan World

In regard to vegan meat, dairy and other vegan products and foods versus non vegan foods, the truth is they taste as good or much better, they are much healthier and best for the world, and the planet, and will help end cruelty to animals. So why do the masses avoid them? There are three … Continue reading Creating a Vegan World

More Notes on Eternal Life and Youth

More of my thoughts on eternal life. Please keep an open mind. This is new thinking. I am not, by the way, a doctor. These are just ideas, and thoughts I have come up with after thinking about this topic for the past five years, and through research, news items and personal experimentation and experience. … Continue reading More Notes on Eternal Life and Youth