The Big Lie of Austerity

Here, in the First World, we're made to believe in wealth and the traditional way of life or to care about the poor, and liberal causes. We are made to believe the rich, wealth and tradition is the enemy of the poor and liberalism. We are made to believe we can have the traditional, prosperous, … Continue reading The Big Lie of Austerity

Why #MeToo Matters

The backlash against the #metoo movement has begun, and while I can see how the aim and method can be exploited, and believe in some instances it has been, I still think its right, and very important to support it. And no, I do not believe, "every man is in danger" because of it. #MeToo … Continue reading Why #MeToo Matters

On the $15.00 minimum wage

I'm very pleased that my province Ontario, has implemented a $15.00 minimum wage. It's set to start at $14.00 this January 1 and will rise to $15.00 next year. There has been alot of criticism and reaction to the news from the business community, which I guess is to expected, but as a formerly low … Continue reading On the $15.00 minimum wage