On Me, You and Everybody

I'm happy to be able to say that, as an adult, I have developed the qualities, values and ethics that I always admired when I was younger, and I work hard to sustain and improve upon them. I've probably always had them, but like most people didn't always act upon them. That's a part of … Continue reading On Me, You and Everybody

No Alcohol, No Problem

It's pretty sad that we as a society are really against drunk driving and teen rape, but also, as a society, adhere to the peer pressure belief that you need to drink to be cool/adult/throw a good party. It's a real social stigma, and one that costs people their lives and health. Once the stigma … Continue reading No Alcohol, No Problem

Carriage Horses- NYC Saddest Tourist Attraction

We've all seen the pictures. Carriage horses bolting or collapsing among the grime noise and dirt of NYC downtown streets. Many people, including celebrities, are shocked and concerned, and activists have been fighting for years to get these poor, overworked horses off the street. This has led to the creation of last year city council's … Continue reading Carriage Horses- NYC Saddest Tourist Attraction