Why Moral Code Matters

The west and its institutions has generally been the moral standard the world is judged by. Our progress, peacefulness, and prominance due to our cultural civility, our prosperity and progress have made this true for over 300 years. But lately things have changed. With the rise, power and influence of third world like far right … Continue reading Why Moral Code Matters

Good people, Better People and Fur

Good people sometimes do bad things. What makes them good, however, is that, after realizing they're doing a bad thing, they care about it, and they stop doing it. Good is just acknowledging the truth about something, and acting in accordance. Better people make this an ingrained habit, value, and practice. People have worn fur … Continue reading Good people, Better People and Fur

Dominion and Humanity

In reply to the Christian hunter argument that the Bible says God gave us dominion over animals, yes, it does say that, but clearly the understanding of what the word dominion means is missing. Dominion means power over, it's not permission to kill or abuse. A man has dominion over his wife and children, but … Continue reading Dominion and Humanity

For the AR Activist: Freeing Yourself From Anger

  We've all seen the images. Constant and graphic, littering our Facebook feed and daily lives. Pictures of smiling hunters or psychopaths, gleefully and proudly displaying the results of their sick indifference, feelings and desires. Animal suffering of horrific degrees and the callous, noncomprehending audiences and consumers. These images, posted online, seem to be and … Continue reading For the AR Activist: Freeing Yourself From Anger