On Truth and Politics

All real issues, proven by fact, reason, and example, should be non partisan. Fact, reason, and example are what creates the truth, what proves a solution from a non solution, reality from hysteria, lies and propaganda. a To say its okay to doubt, reality and the truth, is saying okay to mass hysteria, mass ignorance … Continue reading On Truth and Politics


Who Leads the World

Every society and world needs its leaders. I think we can all agree on what the necessary qualities for leadership are. Character for sure, and also maturity, goodness, greatness, intelligence, and brilliance.  These plus wisdom, good values, morality, understanding, courage, honesty, and integrity. This is what's needed in our future leaders, to have on top … Continue reading Who Leads the World

Rethinking Immigration

We, as the western world, need to rethink immigration. This is a new world, with new realities. Racism and xenophobia are rising and rampant. While we and our governments extoll multiculturalism, populist politics and attitudes don't. This creates great social strife and divides. We need a new way of looking at all matters that have … Continue reading Rethinking Immigration

On Chris Packham and being different in a society that loves sameness.

I read on Twitter (@BBCTwo) this morning, that Chris Packham has Asperger's. He has long been a hero of mine due to his media work with wildlife, and his raising awareness and protest against the Malta migratory bird slaughter. As for his having Aspergers, this is welcome news to me.  Its surprising but not really. … Continue reading On Chris Packham and being different in a society that loves sameness.