Dominion and Humanity

In regard to the Christian hunter argument that the Bible says God gave us dominion over animals, yes, it does say that but clearly the understanding of what the word dominion means is missing. Dominion means power over, its not permission to kill or abuse.  A man has dominion over his wife and children but … Continue reading Dominion and Humanity

What Animal Rights is About

In arguments about animal rights, those who oppose the idea, ideas and aims of the movement, seem to forget or haven't a clue about what animal rights is about. Animal rights is not about people. Its about animals and their welfare. It's true that people need to make changes to accommodate animal rights but truthfully, … Continue reading What Animal Rights is About

Omar Khadr: The High Cost of War and of Peace

Its been raging for two days now: the debate, following the stunning announcement of our government paying former child terrorist Omar Khadr a $10.5 million settlement. I personally was shocked. After ten years of patriotically hating Omar Khadr, it seemed to be an unbelievable decision for our government to make. But then I thought about … Continue reading Omar Khadr: The High Cost of War and of Peace

Austerity: The Politics That Kills

Austerity is a political system and economic philosophy that benefits very few people. Those it benefits are only the very rich and those who derive emotional benefit from its policies and ideology. Its a bully, abusive, selfish and non compassionate policy and its proud of it. Small and medium size businesses and even large ones … Continue reading Austerity: The Politics That Kills