My Final Blog

I've been writing this blog for the past 10 years and have been happy to share with you my ideas and thinking. It has been a very tumultuous time in our global history and I hope my blogs helped you put some of it in perspective, and gave you some inspiration and ideas to think … Continue reading My Final Blog


The Palestinian Situation

I have titled this blog "The Palestinian Situation" because truthfully, that's what it is. It's not the Israel/Palestinian situation anymore than a bullying situation is a situation between the bully and its victim. There is no equality or needs to create equality between a bully and its victim, as blame doesn't need to be shared. … Continue reading The Palestinian Situation

Low Classness: The Threat That Cannot Be Ignored

People may think I'm a snob because I'm very anti low-class culture and its power in our status quo. This is not true; being anti low class isn't about being a snob or classist. Low classness is not a real issue, as opposed to issues such as poverty and equal opportunity which are. Class inequality … Continue reading Low Classness: The Threat That Cannot Be Ignored