On Truth and Politics

All real issues, proven by fact, reason, and example, should be non partisan. Fact, reason, and example are what creates the truth, what proves a solution from a non solution, reality from hysteria, lies and propaganda. a To say its okay to doubt, reality and the truth, is saying okay to mass hysteria, mass ignorance … Continue reading On Truth and Politics


Who Leads the World

Every society and world needs its leaders. I think we can all agree on what the necessary qualities for leadership are. Character for sure, and also maturity, goodness, greatness, intelligence, and brilliance.  These plus wisdom, good values, morality, understanding, courage, honesty, and integrity. This is what's needed in our future leaders, to have on top … Continue reading Who Leads the World

Perfection: The goal, not a dream

"I'm not perfect, I'm human" is an oft spoken and well regarded belief about the human situation. Perfection, and those who demand it, are seen by many as overly demanding, fascist, unrealistic and unpleasant. This belief has sprung clearly into the forefront, as with all things these days, through its political implications. The whole Trumper, … Continue reading Perfection: The goal, not a dream

Peace on Earth, Peace in Syria

I posted these comments and thoughts the day after President Trump's ordered airstrikes against Syria. While I do agree that actions against the Syrian government and President Assad must be taken and I have supported military intervention in the past, I think it time we as a world changed our response and way of dealing … Continue reading Peace on Earth, Peace in Syria